The Cancer Cloud Kit (12-14 year olds)

Age suitability:

  • 11+ year olds

The Cell Box

A pop up cell and an information card explaining what cells are, and how our body is made up of them.

Body Map

A map of the many organs and tissues we have in our body to show where a cancer tumour is located.

The Cancer Cell Box

A model of normal cell growth and a model of cancer cell growth, with an information card about what cancer is.

Cancer Care Pathway People

A paper-chain cut-out showing all the different types of healthcare professionals who look after people with cancer.

The Questions Box

The most common questions that children aged over 12 are likely to ask, all in one box.

Treatments and Side-effects Book

A guide to the main treatments, scans, and tests given to a cancer patient as well as common side-effects associated with treatment. Includes photos of equipment and various other items found in a hospital.

The Feelings Tree

A free standing tree with 90 emotion ‘leaves’ to stick on the branches.