What if I have more than one child in the same age range?

If you have two children, depending on their age, it is best to have two Apollo cuddly tigers or Truffles; stones, creative writing book, child’s book, worry box, worry chatterbox, sticker story bags, colouring in and puzzles. The other tools can be shared.

How many tools can I select?

As many as you and your family need.

Are the different parent’s guides the same?

The fundamental information is the same, the parts that differ focus on children’s reactions within a specific age range.

My child is 12 but is emotionally younger?

That’s fine. Pick and choose tools from the 6-11 yr age range that reflect their understanding so they can engage with them.

My child is 2 but has already got a good understanding, what do you suggest?

There will be a few tools designed for young children that will be good such as the Doll’s house and Truffles the Hedgehog. The tools for this age group focus mainly on role play.

What is the point of the creative tools?

To try and encourage children to find ways to cope, calm down or take time out. Creative play is very good at supporting this. Often children draw or play out their worries so adults around them can pick up on this.

What is the difference between the cell models and the Cancer Cell Box?

Nothing other than the Cancer Cell Box has a little more information about cancer spreading. The models are the same.

I have been diagnosed with terminal cancer, are these tools relevant to me?

Yes definitely. The emotional tools and practical tools will support the changes the family face. Also understanding what cancer is can be important so children understand the disease.

Can I use these tools with adults who might find them engaging?

Yes. Most of us adults find reading and engaging with material design for children easier, especially when under stress.

Can I buy a ready-made kit and add extra tools to it?


How do monthly calendars or daily timetables help children?

Children feel in control and secure when they know what is happening each day.  Reminding them of the days a parent needs rest enables them to manage their own expectations.  It’s good to have some ‘non-cancer related’ events, such as swimming lesson, written on the calendar so they don’t feel like cancer has taken over their lives completely. Also remember to put fun things on too.

What are the Stick People for?

Children need to know who they can reply on for support. Making stick people represent their ‘support people’ can reassure them and make them feel more secure. 

How do use the Feeling Tree?

The Feeling Tree can help a child (or adult) expressed how they are feeling by finding the right emotion and sticking it on the tree. It provides a simple non-verbal way of communicating with each other. It’s up to you as a family how it works. Some people put the tree up in the bedroom and leave it. Some people have it in the kitchen for all the family to see.